How many more gut punches can this country endure?

'My goal is not to lose sight of the long arc of history, even if in my remaining years I witness only a further decline'

WESTMINSTER WEST — Make no mistake: Our beloved country is being red-zoned by an Orange Armageddon.

I'm not talking about the horrid fires out west, although I can imagine those poor souls who have faced them have nightmares of a hell with orange flames.

I'm referring to Donald J. Trump, one of the most unqualified and morally bankrupt presidents in U.S. History.

Given the ravages of his crass, thug presidency coupled with the battering effects of climate change nipping at our very survival, coronavirus deaths surpassing 200,000 (thanks in large part to Trump's treating the pandemic as a hoax), and now the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I ask: How many more gut punches can this country endure?

If history serves, believe it or not, a lot more.

A month ago, I said to hell with it and planned to forego voting in the presidential election. In my view, both parties are corrupt and care more about maintaining the oligarchical leanings of our republic than promoting any semblance of true equality.

Yet, I just can't give up. My lifeline has been the radio show The Thomas Jefferson Hour, which explores contemporary issues through the lens of history. My goal is not to lose sight of the long arc of history, even if in my remaining years I witness only a further decline.

* * *

Our country has been paving the way for Trump and his ilk for decades. For me, his followers and enablers are the most frightening piece of the horrifying decline of the last five years.

It is a forgone conclusion that Trump will contest the election if he doesn't win. He may even declare victory before all the mail-in ballots are counted - ballots that he's already loudly declaring fraudulent.

His dog whistle - the Democrats are trying to rig this election because that's the only way they're going to win - says it all. He is priming his followers, daily.

There are bipartisan groups planning strategies to thwart Trump's probable refusal to concede the election, no matter what the results.

One group, the Transition Integrity Project, whose members consist of high players in the government, even led a series of war-game exercises using different election results.

My chilling take-away was the Democrats were at a distinct disadvantage because they refused to sink as low as the Republicans in their tactics.

I think more blood will be spilled - the question is the amount. A single drop is one drop too much.

* * *

The American Experiment is being sorely tested, and the world is watching. No matter what the outcome, we will be a nation in tatters.

My question is: What's next? Will this be our hit-bottom moment and, if so, how long will it take us to crawl out of that unholy hole? Time will tell.

Let me leave you with some wise words from Justice Ginsberg regarding our Constitution:

“Think back to 1787, who were 'we, the people'? They certainly weren't women. They certainly weren't people held in human bondage.

“The genius of our Constitution is that now over more than 200 sometimes turbulent years 'we' has expanded and expanded.”

Some view hope as a sophomoric carrot dangled to manipulate people. I view hope as the lifeblood of progress.

Don't give up, my sisters and brothers. Don't give up.

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