Election might not be decided on Nov. 3

BRATTLEBORO — As we approach the November general election, please make every effort to report election results responsibly.

Jennifer Rubin's sobering commentary on this important function of the media, “How to minimize 2020 election chaos” [The Washington Post, July 26], is right on point.

Please commit to informing the public - not just once, but regularly - that it might take several weeks to get final accurate vote counts in the 2020 election, and explicitly indicating skepticism when reporting Trump's inevitable claims of fraud.

In the meantime, you can inform readers that they can check their voter registration status, and, if necessary, register to vote or update their voter registration at turbovote.org and learn how to vote by mail in their state at aclu.org/voter/.

Thank you for helping to preserve the cornerstone of our democracy.

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