Kornheiser: grasps the intricacies of policy on multifaceted issues and explains them well

WEST BRATTLEBORO — Emilie Kornheiser, a first-time state representative this 2019-2020 legislative term from the Windham 2-1 district (i.e. West Brattleboro), very much deserves to be returned for two more years.

She quickly got up to speed in her first session, including grasping the intricacies of policy on many multifaceted questions. Her capabilities were so clear to others that partway through the biennium, House leadership named her to the Ways and Means Committee, a central committee of high importance and influence.

I certainly support Emilie because of her stances on key issues, including equal rights and economic development, but also in addressing climate change, an item of real concern to me.

Her values are well expressed in her cogently written policy statements.

One aspect that has impressed me is Emilie's openness and desire to reach out to all her constituents.

During her first run for state representative, she went door to door extensively in West Brattleboro and talks highly about how much she learned from that experience.

This past spring, she organized Saturday morning online Zoom sessions, recruiting Brattleboro's two other state reps, Tristan Toleno and Mollie Burke, to join her. Anyone could join in, and many did. She also has been a regular cohost on a local podcast, the Montpelier Happy Hour.

What also sets Emilie apart from many is her ability to explain issues, including policy issues. She does not do so condescendingly; she does so patiently and clearly.

She has been an excellent legislator, a real asset to our community who has taken extensive steps to keep in contact with her constituents. Tellingly, she also seems to enjoy the work.

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