Biden/Harris: The opportunity to set country onto the road to recovery

WILMINGTON — The media has just reported that Vermont and Hawaii are the only states in the Union not seeing a coronavirus surge. We also tied with Missouri as the two top states in the union that best handled this pandemic crisis that is a daily challenge to all of us.

We, in Brattleboro, we can make another record.

Let's lead the nation in our all-out voting.

Let us show that we here in our town can break all voting records and vote to dispose of a would-be dictator strutting to the balcony a la Mussolini, telling us the cure is around the corner.

After almost four scary years with a sick, misogynist, dishonest liar whose promises have turned to dust in the White House, we have the opportunity to set our nation - not a red state, not a blue state, but the United States - onto the road to recovery.

If you have not yet voted by early ballot, vote Nov. 3 for hope and democracy. Let's vote as if our lives depended on it. Let's vote Biden/Harris.

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