West Brattleboro P.O. is diligent about helping people vote

BRATTLEBORO — There was an item on the radio a few weeks ago from the current administration about a number of ballots that were found floating in a ditch. There was no source given for this information or where these ballots were discovered.

I have a completely different experience regarding my own ballot.

Ballots received from the state come with large red lettering which says, “VOTE!” Inside this envelope is your blank ballot, which you sign and insert in the larger outside envelope with the large letters.

In my hurry to mail my ballot at the post office, I forgot the outside envelope, which provides the address and the pre-paid postage.

Thankfully, the next day I got a message in my box from the postmaster asking me to find my outside envelope so that my ballot could be mailed in correctly.

This is indicative of the diligence taken to get these ballots in, regardless of political affiliation.

Thank you, Holly, at the West Brattleboro post office.

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