Apology to the LGBTQ community

MARLBORO — I would like to apologize for calling the LGBTQ+ community “people with unusual sexual preferences” at the Sept. 1 Brattleboro Selectboard meeting, where I presented a petition calling on the board to “fly the We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All main street banner over Main Street whenever there is a space for a banner to be hung.”

According to our mission statement, we are organized and operate exclusively on a nonprofit basis to promote positive nonviolent public action for democracy and equal civil rights for all people.

In my defense, I say that I am an imperfect human being. I grew up in our supremacist, racist, bigoted, prejudiced, and cruel society. I am trying to learn a better way, but I often screw up and fall flat on my face.

I apologize to you and hope we can continue to work together for a better world.

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