Sincere Republicans won’t find common ground with politicians who support our downfall

WARDSBORO — Vermont Representative Mike Mrowicki's viewpoints on the reasons that Republicans and Democrats are so divided suggests how little Democrats like him understand about what is important to Republicans here in Vermont and across the U.S.A.

During one of President Trump's State of the Union addresses, he boldly stated that “America will never be a communist country.” This statement speaks volumes to everyday patriots - Americans whose grandfathers, fathers, sons, and daughters have fought in certain wars against communism around the world.

Republicans, in many cases, do not always approve of President Trump's personality or lifestyle choices. What they do agree with are the policies and actions of his administration: the end of useless wars, a return to law and order, a strong military, peoples of all nations putting their sovereign needs first, the ethics of hard work and the rewards that come with it, the freedom of domination from globalization such as the course of events that led to the “Brexit” movement in the United Kingdom (followed by similar movements in other nations in the European Union).

Despite Mr. Mrowicki's daydreams for common ground, sincere Republicans will never find common ground with politicians who openly support and even legislate the downfall of this republic and a slide towards communism and some sort of “Bernie Sanders democratic socialism.”

Nor will Republicans like me allow our policies on climate change, education, child care, health care, and so on to become a system of “policy-making by selected committee” instead of policy by our elected representatives.

As the Democrats made the 2020 presidential campaign into a “beauty pageant” - talking more about personality than policies - it allowed them to avoid the conversations about the policies behind the Biden-Harris ticket, which I and some 70 million others believe to be a step backward from the accomplishments of the past four years.

Finally, for Mr. Mrowicki to make a point that Deborah Billado, the head of the Vermont GOP, will be somehow responsible for any failure for finding the common ground he seeks, is absurd. It proves that by disrespecting her views (and mine), Mr. Mrowicki hints that he perhaps has no intention of even trying to work with Republicans.

Statements such as he made only serve to strengthen my resolve to work harder to endorse and promote my party's policies.

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