What about a virtual inauguration, Joe and Kamala?

BRATTLEBORO — Regarding the Inauguration of President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris:

Hey, Joe and Kamala, I have an idea.

What would be amazing is if, instead of having a lavish and pricey and unsafe traditional inauguration, you had an understated, respectful, and dignified virtual ceremony, with plans for a special outdoor celebration once we've tackled COVID-19 and a vaccine has been distributed.

Having a big crowd could be deadly for some, because of the virus, and it's - sadly - sure to attract the worst of Donald Trump's diehard fans, who will want to cause disruption as they continue to protest, armed and dangerous, the results of our free and fair elections.

A pared-down event will send a message of dignity as well as signify a clear change in direction for this country. Why spend millions of dollars on a celebration that will very likely endanger the lives and health of attendees, those who work to set it all up, and all of the people they then go on to encounter?

You can use any donations (making it clear to the donors) to help essential workers in Washington, D.C. and to pay for clearing out all of the hideous fortifications put up around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

You can put some money toward a permanent Black Lives Matter memorial.

You can help restore the vandalized Rose Garden and generally bring the People's House back to the people.

Now, that would be something to celebrate!

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