Sign-ups begin for winter session of circus classes at NECCA

BRATTLEBORO — The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA), an internationally recognized circus school, is offering in-person and online classes in a winter session starting Jan. 4, 2021.

NECCA suspended its recreational and professional trainings in the spring when COVID-19 first hit, but after implementing strict distancing and cleaning policies, including mask-wearing at all times, the school has been successfully running classes throughout the fall.

Classes include online options for at home fitness and acrobatic training as well as in-person classes.

For attendees videoconferencing from around the world, classes include stretching and strengthening classes for beginners who want to learn from professional athlete circus coaches, classes for aspiring professionals, and classes for parent and tots.

In-person options at the Trapezium in Brattleboro include youth classes in aerials, trampoline, and acrobatics as well as adult classes in many specialties, including trapeze, handstands, stretching, and fitness. Options are available for all levels of skills and age, including beginners, who are always welcome.

The Trapezium, built in 2017, has large open spaces for distancing during classes.

NECCA says it added MERV-13-rated filters to the HVAC system, a new outdoor porch for water breaks, as well as thorough cleaning procedures to ensure everyone's safety.

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