Poets celebrate National Poetry Month with displays in store windows

BRATTLEBORO — Participating poets in the Poetry Around Town project will hold a virtual reading on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

The joint project by three local writing organizations - Write Action, Time to Write, and the Brattleboro Literary Festival - celebrates National Poetry Month by displaying 58 poems by 37 area poets in downtown shop and restaurant windows through April.

A recorded version of the Zoom reading will be available on the Youtube channel of the Brattleboro Literary Festival.

Following is a list of the storefronts and the work that can be seen in public:

Brattleboro Food Co-op: Jadian Bryan, “For You”; Toni Ortner, “What Can We Say?”

Superfresh Café: Nichael Cramer, “5 Haiku.”

River Gallery School: Susan Jefts, “Even Now, Lucy Tell: December 2020.”

Latchis Hotel: Lynn Martin: “Johnny at the Fair”; B. Morrison: “Early Winter”; Arlene Distler, “After Not Doing.”

Edward Jones (51 Main St.): Michael Bosworth, “Conjectural Grandfathers.”

K&N Nails: Helen Neswald, “Homage to My Feet.”

Turn It Up: Marilyn Mazur, “Hammock”; Louise Rader, “Psychedelic.”

Twice Upon a Time: Steve Minkin, “Preserved In Ash.”

Vermont Hempicurean: Michael Bosworth, “How Wise 1918”; Elaine Reardon, “Isolation.”

Experienced Goods: Eleanora Patterson, “Old Boots”; Peggy Outcalt, “Circle of Bone.”

Emerson's: Nancy Olson, “The Gift”; Ed Burke, “Late August.”

Brattleboro Books: Louise Rader, “Beyond the Blues”; Peggy Outcalt, “Sound Track.”

Handknits: Verandah Porche, “Mornings After”; Lucy Tell, “Mom Visits Maryanna.”

Everyone's Books: Alice Fogel, “Extrapolation”; Verandah Porche, “The Charm of March”; Susan Jefts, “Starting Today”; Terry Hauptman, “Return.”

Harmony Collective: Steve Minkin, “East Orchard”; Helen Neswald, “The Moon for a While.”

Scissor Masters: Jill Hinckley, “Walking During the Pandemic.”

118 Elliot: Lorna Cheriton, “Pansies”; Candace Curran, “She Tells Her Case Manager.”

Vermont Artisan Designs: Stuart Copans, “Three Spring Tonka”; Michael Fleming, “In the Beginning.”

The Works: Elayne Clift, “Pandemic Liberation”; Jadian Bryan, “May 5th 2020.”

George Brooks Florist: Andy Burrows, “Marvell's Garden.”

Burrows Specialized Sports: Elaine Reardon: “Crow”; Thomas Griffin, “Uni-diversity.”

Beadniks: Candace Curran, “Pandemic Blues”; Tim Mayo, Untitled.

Shoe Tree: Nichael Cramer, “A Blessing”; David Mook, “Message Received.”

Amy's Bakery Arts Café (closed): J. Holan, “Domestic Dynamic”; Lorna Cheriton, “Another Lorna.”

Zephyr Designs: JC Wayne, “A King's Dream”; Kevin O'Keefe, “Phase One...or Two.”

Brattleboro Bicycle Shop: Peggy Outcalt, “Sound Track.”

Gallery in the Woods: David Mook, “Tanka Hike.”

Penelope Wurr: Sylvie Weil, “New York City, March–June 2020.”

• Brown & Roberts Hardware: Partridge Boswell, “Aphasia”; Eleanora Patterson, “Garage Roof.”

Windham Flowers: Arlene Distler, “Garden 2020”; Stuart Copans, “Leaf.”

Epsilon Spires: JC Wayne, “In Which You Are to Realize.”

Brooks Memorial Library: Sydney Lea, “Spring Poem”; Alice Fogel, “The River”; Michael Fleming, “Getting Cold.”

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