Our country is at the mercy of our collective group consciousness

BRATTLEBORO — When my generation (over 70 years young) was growing up, we got the message loud and clear that our democratic republic, the USA, demands of us citizens (voters?) some responsibility, i.e., participation in and paying attention to the ongoings of the current society in which we live.

I wonder if the same holds true in today's technol-ized world?

All votes are valuable and worthy of protection! Expand the right to vote in order to capitalize on the collective wisdom of the group!

Capitalism, greed, competition and “me-first-ism” in all its various forms of elitism have all contributed to the current erosion of our American experiment in self-governance.

United states forming a union of wholeness, wellness, has become ill, with selfish, separate units vying for king-of-the- mountain, childish control. A cancer has grown and threatens to destroy us. There is nothing on top of the mountain but open empty space.

Abraham Lincoln wisely noted that a house divided cannot stand. The Republican Party is no longer the Grand Old Party of the past; some say that the GOP now stands for the “gang of Putin” because of “alternative facts,” lies, and propaganda filling the airwaves with fear and manipulating minds into not believing our own eyes, our own lived experience.

A recent headline claims the Biden Department of Justice might defend the previous president in Jan. 6 insurrection case! The Department of Justice is responsible for upholding the law, not defending the twistings of deranged marauders!

If this foolish choice of DOJ to defend those it would prosecute comes to pass, it promises the creation of a kangaroo court in the USA! It would be a stark and appalling contrast to their promise to rebuild, strengthen, and unify the country.

“No one is above the law,” someone once said. Is it really true? Law for all, equally?

As a government of, by, and for the people, our country is at the mercy of our collective group consciousness. I wonder, as a group, are we moving forward, growing toward healing our communities, the planet, the country, each other? Or will we continue to allow the thoughts and choices of others to determine our fate, our future?

I am definitely for a future of our own design - where resources are shared equitably so that all may pursue life, liberty, happiness, and peace in a cooperative and self-responsible manner.

I believe the younger generations are leading the way; they seem to be more accepting of differences, loving and kind, and more courageous in their willingness to try a new way.

Shall we join them to consciously create a world we want to live in?

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