From Zeke Hecker

GUILFORD — I have been offered the opportunity to respond to the article by Mindy Haskins Rogers.

First, I deeply apologize to any former student who may have been affected by my behavior, which I regret. I went into teaching with high ideals and never intended to hurt anyone. I wanted to be a good teacher, but I was not good enough. I also want to apologize to the parents of my students, who trusted me to be a caretaker and role model.

Next, I apologize to my colleagues at Brattleboro Union High School. They are as dedicated and accomplished as the finest teachers anywhere, and I let them down. I chose to teach there because I believed in the value of public education. I hope the community appreciates the quality of the schools it has, and will continue to support them.

Third, I apologize to the musical and theatrical organizations that welcomed me and gave me opportunities for artistic expression. I have made their mission harder. The arts, like education, are essential. Our area is unusually rich in them. I hope they will continue to thrive.

Fourth, I apologize to my friends and family, especially my wife Linda. Many good people have taken heat because of me, through no fault of their own. As for Linda, she is an admirable person in every way. She has suffered as much as anyone. Please be kind to her.

I do not ask for or expect forgiveness, but I will try to help heal any wounds that remain.

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