Racine is the best on children’s issues

PUTNEY — With such a strong field of richly experienced Democratic candidates running for governor in the Aug. 24 primary, all affirming many of the same strong values, how does one choose?

For me, the choice comes down to how they prioritize those values, their track record in working for them, and how they work with others. Doug Racine, senator and former lieutenant governor (under former Governor Howard Dean), is my candidate.

One of Doug's key priorities is the well-being of Vermont's young children. He helped establish the first parent-child center to help low-income families years ago, and then worked hard to create fifteen more throughout Vermont so all children and families could be served. More recently, he has served as head of the Vermont Poverty Council, a legislative group dedicated to planning for the elimination of poverty in the state.

When Doug spoke to a group in Putney recently, he talked about the absence of planning efforts in the current administration. As governor, he would take immediate steps to start such efforts. 

As senator, he took such steps in this last session of the Legislature, salvaging the push for universal, single-payer health care by creating a successful bill to accomplish just such planning.  The study, which is mandated to include single-payer health care as one of three options, will be presented to the legislature in January, when that body can weigh the options and recommend one to our new governor.

He works hard to bring people of different opinions together and solve problems by respectfully listening to one another, ascertaining the facts, and assessing what will best serve Vermonters.

Joyce Marcel in her Aug. 12 Reformer column referred to Doug as “too wishy-washy” for her. Fortunately for Doug, as evidenced by early endorsements from the Vermont National Education Association, the Vermont State Employees Association, the Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, the Vermont League of Conservation Voters as well as 35 legislators (see his website, www.dougracine.com), many Vermonters disagree with her.

I'm voting for Doug Racine on Aug. 24, and I hope you do, too. It will be a vote for children and for the future of Vermont.

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