Nothing in The Commons on activism against war in Yemen

BRATTLEBORO — As a retired teacher in the Brattleboro school district, I find it heartbreaking knowing that the war in Yemen continues on.

Every 75 seconds, a child dies of preventable causes. The blockade and bombing in Yemen have contributed to the largest humanitarian brutality on Earth!

On Jan. 25, Action Corps spread the call for The World Says No to War on Yemen Global Day of Action. On this day, a group of Vermonters held a car caravan as a part of the largest anti war coordination since 2003. To my knowledge, The Commons did not cover this.

Since then, I have continued to look for coverage from The Commons of Bernie Sanders' role in the effort to stop the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

The question was brought up when Bernie was here for the Labor Day Town hall. There were 500 people, flyers were being passed out, bold and clear signage was held up.

M.D. Baker, a local activist, raised the question, “Will you introduce a Yemen war resolution?” Bernie made a historical statement, saying that, yes, he would be introducing a Yemen War Powers Resolution. He confirmed he is doing so but that no movement has been made.

I did not see any coverage of this event in The Commons.

We value our local newspaper and we want to see you out in front of us. It is our hope that you will support the voices and concerns of our community by actively maintaining coverage of such a crucial issue that affects the lives of so many.

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