Balint: Congress is calling she was always meant for

BRATTLEBORO — The thought of Becca Balint representing us in Congress fills me with bucketloads of hope.

I honestly can't imagine anyone more prepared to show up and fight for us all, whether it's taking care of the needs of working families or protecting democracy itself.

Readers of her newspaper column in the Brattleboro Reformer will know that no matter how frenzied the political process, every week Becca could be counted on to rise above the fray, reflect deeply on issues that matter, reaffirm the humanity she saw in everyone around her, and have the courage to be vulnerable herself.

Honestly, to have that kind of presence amidst such fast-paced wrangling, you're either the Dalai Lama or you've found the calling you were always meant for.

Becca shows us how powerful it can be when a leader is brave enough to approach their job with both their mind and heart fully engaged.

And she's proven - year after year - that she knows how to get things done.

We need her in Washington.

She'll be a lawmaker who digs deep into the issues that matter, understands their nuance, and can explain it to others; who has deep respect for all her constituents –– even those who disagree with her; who has the courage to say the hard things; who recognizes that no matter what divides exist on the surface, the reality is that we are all inherently bound together.

She will be the congressperson doing the work to bring people together –– and who has the brilliant, strategic mind needed to enact change.

Political leaders like Becca are rare, and I am thrilled to be able to vote for her for Congress.

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