Welch, Leahy, and Sanders: now is the time for a new Yemen War Powers Resolution

BRATTLEBORO — This country continues to supply weapons and military support to Saudi Arabia in their assault and blockade of Yemen. Grassroots, Congressional, and worldwide efforts were made in 2021 to end what has become nearly seven years of U.S. participation in the humanitarian tragedy in Yemen, which Congress never authorized. The goal was not achieved.

What the world needs now is a new Yemen War Powers Resolution to stop and prohibit U.S. participation in the war.

With the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history and a child's death every 75 seconds, Congress voted in 2018 and 2019 to end U.S. involvement in Yemen. Along with two other senators, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had introduced that resolution. The bipartisan outcome was vetoed by the former president.

This tragedy prompted highly engaged public actions throughout 2021. January's Global Day of Action for Yemen consisted of 400 organizations in 30 countries, the largest anti-war collaboration since 2003. Brattleboro's car caravan participated in that global outcry.

In July, as part of a National Day of Action for Yemen, Sister Marie Kieslich, former president of Trinity College, hand-delivered a letter from 10 Vermont-based organizations to Bernie's Burlington office. She urged him to reintroduce his 2018–19 War Powers Resolution.

Members of Congress advanced the campaign for Yemen. On the Senate floor this past December, Bernie decried President Biden's plan for a massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Sen. Patrick Leahy co-signed that joint resolution of disapproval. Members of Congress, spanning political divides across the country, also criticized the sale.

Though it's all progress, it's not enough.

As we enter this new year, the most effective measure Congress could enact to end U.S. involvement in the war on Yemen is a new Yemen War Powers Resolution. Now.

Rep. Welch, Sen. Leahy, and Sen. Sanders: Make this happen! Publicly commit to the introduction of a new Yemen War Powers Resolution this winter. Save lives: Stop the war and blockade of Yemen!

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