Latulippe King and Herron: the best interests of Guilford

GUILFORD — I submit this letter in endorsement of Lynn Latulippe King and Jason Herron, candidates for Selectboard in Guilford. Both candidates are relatively new to the political scene, but they both love Guilford and feel strongly that the people need better representation in the governance of their town.

Neither Lynn nor Jason can possibly know now exactly what the work of the Selectboard entails, never having served in that position before, but with the courage of their convictions, their work ethic, and their common sense I am confident they will give it what it takes to learn quickly.

It doesn't matter to me how much one already knows of the work of the Selectboard if one doesn't have the strong moral character which will ground one's decision-making on what's in the best interest of the townspeople, not in one's own self - or special - interest.

I am confident that Lynn and Jason will execute the decision-making required of that office with dignity, transparency, respect, and - most importantly - in the best interest of the people of Guilford, never wielding the power of their position for self gain.

I now have a question to pose: Why does nearly every letter written in support of incumbents running for the Selectboard mention but excuse the way in which the nine-member Planning Commission was dismissed?

The dismissal of all but one of those commissioners was not the work of an impassioned moment. It was an action for which all five current Selectboard members did not, and have not, apologized. They have dug in their heels and repeatedly defended the decision, yet never explained it.

May the tabulation of votes at the end of the day on March 1 bring new voices to the Guilford Selectboard.

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