In Stile Moderno presents Lute Songs at BMC

BRATTLEBORO — In Stile Moderno returns to the Brattleboro Music Center Friday, March 11, presenting “Stay, Time: Lute Songs of John Dowland.”

The 7:30 p.m. concert features vocalists Agnes Coakley Cox, Sophie Michaux, Corey Dalton Hart, and Adam Simon, with Nathaniel Cox on the lute.

“Stay, time, awhile thy flying,” writes John Dowland in A Pilgrimes Solace. “It's a wish we can all relate to - as children grow, parents age, or milestones slip by - if only we could pause time in its relentless flight,” state group members on their website.

“This concert presents the intimacy of four-part singing around a table,” they say. The announcement continues, “Deepening In Stile Moderno's work as an ensemble on historical pronunciation and facsimile reading, the group will explore themes of timelessness, aging, darkness, and light in Dowland's beloved and evergreen songs.”

Tickets are $20 general admission and $10 reduced income at For more information, contact the BMC at [email protected], or by calling 802-257-4523.

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