A special conversation raises funds for local Chabad, relief for Ukraine

BRATTLEBORO — Warm appreciation to everyone who joined Rabbi Avram Raskin and me in making for a very special evening, as 94-year-old Holocaust survivor Elly Gotz shared his life story and life lessons with wisdom, grace, and humility.

Two years ago, Elly came to visit us in Brattleboro and southern Vermont. At that time, he spoke before several different groups to people of all ages and backgrounds. He came to our Heartstorm Farmstead joining Rabbi and Chaya Raskin and Kimberly and me, and shared his story with more than 45 people. His energy and life perspective are extraordinary.

This time, Elly joined us via Zoom from his home in Toronto. Zoom enabled people from around the country to attend. With this presentation, we were not only able to enlighten folks, we also raised meaningful funds.

With support from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation of Agawam, Mass., and individual contributions, we raised $1,500. Half will go toward realizing the early vision to convert the Farmstead's barn into the future synagogue of the Chabad Jewish Community Center of Southern Vermont, and the other half will go toward humanitarian needs in Ukraine, where it can benefit those most in need. The Chabad of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine is the world's largest.

The evening offered learning, community, and meaning. We believe it will be great to host bi-monthly or quarterly evenings, inviting inspirational guests to southern Vermont.

In fall 2021, the Raskins acquired the Farmstead from Kimberly and me with the vision to create the Chabad Center for southern Vermont.

Thank you for taking part, Thank you for your contribution. Thank you for being part of our community.

Happy Purim. Shalom. Pray for peace.

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