Can adults in the room salvage Rescue relationship?


The current kerfuffle between the town and Rescue Inc. reminds me of the early days in Rescue's history. The Brattleboro Fire Department then had a - shall we say - “competitive” approach to its dealings with Rescue.

But both organizations grew out of it and, to my knowledge, no patient suffered as a result. I am sure the same will be true today no matter what happens.

But while the EMS professionals in both organizations know how to take care of individual patients, the administrative levels of both organizations need to learn how to take better care of Brattleboro.

Obviously there were some communications problems. No doubt individuals in both organizations may now regret some of their word choices.

It is time for cooler heads to prevail. If the Selectboard can reconsider a ski statue, surely the board can reconsider something as critical as emergency medical services for Brattleboro residents.

I suggest that the Selectboard and Rescue's trustees try again - this time without either Town Manager Yoshi Manale or Rescue's Chief of Operations Drew Hazelton at the table.

Let's see of the adults in the room can be responsible.

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