Library event to celebrate Joyce and ‘Ulysses’

BRATTLEBORO — On Thursday, June 16, the public is invited to join in a celebration of the literary holiday Bloomsday at Brooks Memorial Library, 224 Main St.

People around the world celebrate June 16 as the fictional date in 1904 when characters Leopold and Molly Bloom, Stephen Dedalus, and a host of other Dubliners from all walks of life in James Joyce's novel Ulysses experience the full range of human events and emotions.

Jon Mack will lead the celebration by following the threads of the stories in this groundbreaking work through readings and explorations of excerpts from the text.

He says he's been fascinated with Ulysses for many years.

“Joyce's novel is a many-splendored jewel that has astonished readers ever since it was first published 100 years ago, yet many readers find it all but incomprehensible. The aim of my presentation is to make the work more approachable and understandable by providing some connective tissue with readings of selected excerpts from the novel.”

Mack says that Joyce's work “is a celebration of the written word in all its complexity. Ultimately, it is a human tale, full of both comedy and drama of life.”

About the venue, Mack says, “Nowhere could be a more appropriate venue than a public library. James Joyce's epic work emerged from being banned for being too literal, too real than the duly appointed censors of the U.S. of that time would allow.”

After the readings, those attending will discuss how to find the best resources to make reading Ulysses enjoyable, and those participating in-person or online can join the conversation.

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