Turner paintings on display in Marlboro

Turner paintings on display in Marlboro

MARLBORO — Katharine (Tink) Turner has been creating art since 1958.

“I really like spreading the paint across the canvas and checking the colors out; the bounce of the canvas under the brush is delightful,” said Turner, whose paintings are the Marlboro Community Center's current exhibit. “Mixing colors is also a favorite aspect.”

The artist - who is mostly self taught, though she did take a few classes in college - started in a small studio behind her house in Marlboro. There, she painted for six decades, retiring about 20 years ago.

Turner said that her art doesn't fit in any descriptive categories, noting that she tends to stick to neutral colors to highlight the bright ones.

“I have developed my own style over the years.” she said.

“My advice for painters is to keep painting, trying new things - especially ideas you come up with on your own.” Turner said.

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