Balint: experience, integrity, passion, and a deep understanding of complex issues

DUMMERSTON — When Becca Balint was launching her first run for Vermont Senate, some years ago, my wife, Christie Herbert, and I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a meet-and-greet gathering for Becca.

Supporting Becca was an easy decision back then, seeing how well-suited she was for political leadership at the state level as a senator. The decision now for us voters is equally clear.

Becca Balint deserves our vote on Primary Election Day Aug. 9 to send her to the general election contest in November to be our next congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I believe it is crucial that we elect the person most qualified to represent and serve us. Becca Balint - an experienced legislator with a sterling reputation - is the obvious choice. She was unanimously elected president of the Senate by her colleagues from every political persuasion.

Becca is universally respected, trusted, and relied on to do the work. She has proven that she can get things done in our Legislature, and I know she is ready to deliver for Vermont in Congress.

The challenges we face as a state and as a nation have rarely been greater, and the divisions among us have rarely been deeper. We are a nation in the midst of multiple crises: a pandemic in its third year, rampant economic inequality, a climate on fire, and our democracy on the edge of collapse.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to elect an individual with experience, integrity, passion, and a deep understanding of the complex issues and problems we face here in Vermont and around the country.

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