Harrison: a front-row view of her experience, tenacity, and compassion

BRATTLEBORO — I am voting for Wendy Harrison for state Senator from Windham County. I urge all other voters to join me.

Wendy is the most experienced candidate. She has over 30 years of leadership experience in local governments and nonprofit organizations in Vermont, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Most of Wendy's work has been as a staff member (town manager, department head, program director). She was elected three times and served eight years on the Town Council in Jupiter, Florida.

She has served on the Vermont State Transportation Board, the Windham Regional Commission, the Southeastern Vermont Transit Board, and Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies Board, which she currently chairs.

Wendy has actual in-the-trenches experience creating equitable economic development, achieving a broad range of housing solutions, increasing the amount and quality of public transit, and improving the quality of life for families. She has devoted her entire career to making systems more inclusive and programs more effective. We need her representing us in Montpelier.

I should add that I do not come to this endorsement without bias. I have had a front-row seat observing Wendy's unique combination of tenacity and compassion throughout her career. We met at graduate school and married three years later. Wendy is smart, effective, and has an unwavering moral compass. She says what she means, and she does what she says.

Especially in this particular year, when an unusually high number of legislators are retiring (and when both of our incoming Windham County senators will be serving their first term), we need Wendy's vast experience and proven record of accomplishment in government.

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