Balint: champion of reproductive rights

BRATTLEBORO — I've never been more frightened for the future of girls and women in our country. Having Becca Balint as a champion of reproductive rights gives me hope.

I support Becca Balint in the primary race for Vermont's only Congressional seat. As the mother of two teen daughters, I trust Becca to fight for justice and bodily autonomy for all people. She has proven herself in her years in the Vermont Senate and as one of the champions of the Reproductive Liberty Amendment (Proposal 5), the most progressive reproductive freedom legislation in the United States.

I'm lucky to have had access to safe, legal reproductive health care my whole life. I've had two abortions - one as a teenager and one at age 40, a medical decision I made with my doctor.

Now as women and people with uteruses watch our rights decimated after the overturning of Roe, I'm terrified of the world my daughters will live in, one that could force them to give birth against their will or refuse them the health care they need to survive.

We need Becca in Congress to oppose the dystopian nightmare of post-Roe America and protect our reproductive freedoms here in Vermont. As a lifelong activist and the first woman and first openly gay person to serve as president pro tempore in our state Senate, she has the courage and drive for the job.

Voting for Becca Balint on Tuesday, Aug. 9 is a key step we can take to stand up for reproductive justice.

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