Balint: will address challenges facing a local labor force

PUTNEY — As a business owner, I appreciate the importance of leadership. For me, success requires much more than filling a role. It is about having a vision and forging the paths to make it a reality.

Becca Balint is that type of leader. She has a proven track record of finding a way forward, building bridges, and delivering results.

That is why Becca has my vote and why I am encouraging you to vote for her as well. Becca will move us forward on the national level, where more of the same is unacceptable. She doesn't just talk, she delivers.

The issues that Becca works tirelessly to address - equitable access to health care, childcare, and medical leave - are all important to me. Addressing these issues is not just about personal values, it is also about supporting a local labor force.

As a business owner who depends on the local workforce, the well-being of my employees is crucial. I know that mental health crisis, addiction, and lack of child care are all barriers to a stable personal life, and that a stable home life is the foundation to being a dependable employee.

In Congress, Becca Balint will lead on access to health care in the form of a national single-payer system. She understands that mental health is an essential part of care. She will give voice to the fact that so many families are in dire need of child care.

Becca has demonstrated that she is deeply committed to addressing the myriad challenges faced by working families. When working families are supported, our entire community is stronger, and we all can have an opportunity to thrive.

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