U.S. lawmakers are disconnected from Vermonters

BELLOWS FALLS-First off, thanks to Joyce Marcel for writing this article on retired Sen. Patrick Leahy.

While the article made thoughtful mention of our former senator's efforts to secure more funding for local Vermont interests and mitigation of the human tragedy of U.S. mines, napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, this remains cold comfort to the many challenges that Vermonters, especially our young people, face today.

We need far more Town Meeting–style gatherings with our two senators and our U.S. representative.

Programmed visits are good for a small group of select people, but the majority of us believe there is a disconnect between the halls of Congress and the small towns and cities of Vermont.

The print media can help in pressing our legislators for more town meetings that allow more voices to be heard and not ignored.

My family would love to attend such an event sponsored by The Commons.

Bill Morse

Bellows Falls

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