Zuckerman: understands our economy, our working landscape, and today's Vermont!

LONDONDERRY — Did you know that Vermonters spend more on local foods and in the local food economy than any other state, per capita?

Much of that is due to the hard work, good representation, and strong leadership from former Vermont Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman over his more than 20 years as an elected official in Montpelier.

David took on big agribusiness companies and won when he protected so many small farmers and backyard gardeners from the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). He also was paramount in drafting the legislation to protect and increase farmers markets across the state.

These are just two examples of the reality that David understands our economy, understands our working landscape, and understands today's Vermont!

I have strongly believed in what David has accomplished over the two decades I have known him as an organic farmer and a positive leader on renewable energy, sustainable development, and Vermont agriculture.

His clean farming practices, an ideology more than a work practice, have been a solution to the pollution in Lake Champlain's water catchment area. In being a part of the growth in the wholesale market to in-state institutions like schools and hospitals, while pioneering the direct-to-consumer community-supported agriculture (CSA) model, David has increased the access to nutrient-rich foods that are produced and sold locally.

We should be proud that he has been a voice for all Vermonters since he was originally elected as a state representative. His continued bipartisan efforts to develop family leave policies, increase the minimum wage, and want all Vermonters to have access to publicly financed health care are three significant examples of David's care and work to improve the lives of everyone in the state regardless of how they vote.

In addition, his advocacy for economic equality is illustrated by his efforts to improve women's rights, racial justice, and prison reform in Vermont.

A primary example is from his earliest elected terms, when he assisted in the creation and passing of the unprecedented civil unions law that significantly influenced the national paradigm on same-sex marriages.

Ultimately, David is someone who possesses the passion and deep understanding of community that is required to be shared beyond the farm as an elected steward of this incredible state of Vermont!

Do, please, learn more about these issues, or ask any question at zuckermanforvt.com.

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