Harrison: cares about bread-and-butter issues and actually wants to do something about them

GUILFORD — I met Wendy Harrison shortly after she moved to Brattleboro, and I'm so glad that I did. She was working for the Windham and Windsor Housing Trust, and she volunteered to help with Tiny House Fest Vermont, which I was co-producing.

From our first encounter, I learned that when Wendy says she cares about bread-and-butter issues, she actually wants to do something about them, and she wants to hear every angle.

Over time, Wendy has shared stories of her life that invariably circle back to her interests in creating the infrastructure that makes our lives possible. She jumped into the nuts and bolts of doing this early, getting involved in making public transportation better by actually responding to the needs of people in her community.

Wendy went on to study city planning and become a town manager. She loves rolling up her sleeves to get the work done, and she is a fierce advocate for equitable planning processes and funding strategies. Alongside her convictions, her humility is an invaluable asset for community building.

We are lucky to have a diverse and capable panel of candidates for two Vermont Senate seats this primary. I count Wendy as one of our best options. We need someone with her ground-level experience in Vermont communities and beyond working for us in the State House.

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