BUHS in leadership hands that can create possibilities for change

GUILFORD — Most of us have been taught that leadership means top-down-rule, with one person, often a man, at the top of a pyramid-type organizational structure. When that structure does not exist, it is understandable that some people become uncomfortable and insecure.

Another structure for leadership of an organization is a collaborative model, without the hierarchical form of decision-making.

Currently, we are fortunate to have at Brattleboro Union High School three very capable women leaders who are committed to collaboration with teachers, students, and parents. In fact, in a survey conducted by the BUHS Faculty Council in June, most teachers favored changing to a collaborative form of leadership.

I, too, join the crowd in wanting to know what happened to our former principal. But far more important to the welfare of our students is giving support to the current BUHS administration team. They are quite capable of leading our school and may well set an example of how to run a school in an innovative way that gives voice to all stakeholders.

Most high schools in our country have struggled with the impact of the pandemic on students, staff, and families. Our traditional approaches have failed to meet these changing needs.

Continuing down this flawed path is foolish. A collaborative model may well be part of the answer and deserves our active support and encouragement.

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