Principal’s leave still a mystery; lack of transparency from school board raises concern

BRATTLEBORO — It is unreasonable and disingenuous for the Windham Southeast School District and the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union school board members to continue to say they know nothing about why Brattleboro Union High School's principal, Steve Perrin, has been on paid leave since April.

It is also irresponsible for there to be no plan in place to reinstate or rehire for that position by September.

Currently, the leadership team at Brattleboro Union High School consists of three administrators to carry out the job of four. While these three are accomplished professionals, they are all brand new to the district and new to their already very full-time positions that impact the academics and safety of students.

Yet our school board takes no accountability for dismissing the principal and no responsibility for now filling the glaring leadership gap at BUHS.

This board withheld information from the public during the recent superintendent search and issued a directive in private to the superintendent regarding masking. It seems like they are doing the same in regards to an absent principal.

They do not provide the transparency they proclaim, and they violate the spirit - if not the letter - of open meetings laws. I encourage parents to demand answers.

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