A Democratic duo campaigns for state Senate

Hashim and Harrison: ‘We have a substantial amount of common ground and shared priorities.’

We both thank you for your votes in the primary election. We heard your stories, your concerns, and your hopes for Windham County.

We will be campaigning as a team in the general election. We have a substantial amount of common ground and shared priorities. Throughout our ongoing discussions, we have been forming ideas of how to address those priorities and the usefulness of our different backgrounds.

In each of our campaigns, we heard from Windham County residents about the following issues:

• Increasing affordable, safe, and accessible housing.

• Developing and increasing our workforce.

• Reducing our carbon footprint (e.g., creating more options for electric vehicles and public transit, building weatherization, and transitioning to clean heat sources) and increasing climate resilience.

• Increasing quality, affordable child care and supporting the care providers.

• Protecting democracy and supporting respectful and inclusive dialogue.

• Addressing the opioid crisis and recognizing the significant harm to individuals, families, and our communities.

• Ensuring that economic development provides clear community benefit.

Of course, we recognize there are also many other issues that are important to Windham County. We intend to continue knocking on doors, listening to folks, organizing meet-and-greets, and attending community events to make sure that we hear from as many voices as we can across this district.

* * *

For further details on our policy ideas, please feel free to contact us, attend one of our meet-and-greets, or review our websites listed in our bio.

With our shared experiences, diverse backgrounds, and proven dedication to service, we are confident that our efforts will help to strengthen our communities, ensure that basic needs are met, and improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of state government.

Windham County voters vote for two senators in the general election (Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8; general election ballots will be automatically mailed to all active registered voters, not later than Oct. 1.) We hope to serve Windham County and make sure that your voices are heard in Montpelier.

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