There can be no closure for Marlboro College

SOUTH NEWFANE — The introduction to the excerpts of the transcript of Seth Andrew's sentencing hearing mentions: “[W]e hope the judge's words - and Andrew's words to the court - serve as some sense of closure.”

But Seth Andrew and his actions had nothing to do with the closing of Marlboro College.

That unnecessary and tragic event was brought about by the actions of a board of trustees led by Chair Richard Saudek, a college led by President Kevin Quigley, and the influence of the consulting firm EY-Parthenon.

These parties are guilty of completely failing to fulfill their roles properly and work to keep what was a very special southern Vermont institution alive for future generations and in honor of all those who contributed to what Marlboro College was.

There cannot be closure for what they did.

We are grateful for having Marlboro Music now owning the property, and one hopes that Marlboro Music will someday move forward to bring back a college named Marlboro.

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