Why would someone write something like this?

WEST HALIFAX — It is appalling to see Tristan Roberts blatantly trading on the death of someone, but even more heinously, on the death of George Floyd.

This candidate's entire piece was ostensibly to illuminate for Windham County voters, his motivations for running for office. And yet he spent the majority of it talking about the tragedy of Mr. Floyd and a first responder bystander, while managing to throw in some tidbits about hosting a “Black guest” on his “farm.”

What purpose did it serve - other than to virtue signal, of course - to name the race of his guest? Why? Would any of you do that?

I do hope the people of Windham County are able to think critically when reading tripe like this. To question why someone would write a piece of that nature is our civic duty and a human justice responsibility.

I fear, that although Mr. Roberts has only one term of experience as Halifax Selectboard member under his belt, his machinations are so artfully political and divisive as well as contrary to his eventual statement of wanting to “protect” Vermont, that he is already become a career politician.

If you read up about him on his website, it doesn't appear that he currently has or possibly has ever had an actual job, although I didn't read his entire personal website or political one - I just don't have the time.

When you dig deeper into Mr. Roberts' online presence, he seems like a really swell guy. He appears caring, intelligent, resourceful, and neighborly. He certainly likes to write. Though it is not my place to tell their story, you should talk with his neighbors to find out some of the dealings they have had with him.

Mr. Roberts purports himself to be transparent, yet when I questioned him on his opinions regarding the important topics of our time, he very cleverly responded that he has opinions but he “wants to learn more before staking out an informed position” - which could be interpreted as, “I don't want to say anything until I absolutely have to, because I don't want to offend potential voters.”

Look - I want someone in office representing our county who isn't a politician. I don't care how perfect you are. Or that you made mistakes. I care about what you did about your mistakes, and what are you going to do and what your plan is once you are in office.

Mr. Roberts, you want to “protect” Vermont, but my question is, from whom or what?

My motto has always been, “People who seek power should never be given power.” They always have an agenda, and it is not about civic duty. It's about power, prestige, control, and money.

I'm not saying that is necessarily true about Mr. Roberts. But if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck....

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