Coffey follows in the footsteps of Ron Squires

GUILFORD — Before I met Sara Coffey, she called and brought her family to enjoy my collection of nativities, and we've been friends since then.

Recently, she stopped by while I was going through some political books. Sara showed great interest in the books from my son Ron Squires's time in Montpelier, when he served as our state representative from Vernon and Guilford in the 1990s.

Sara took some books home to read and keep. She enjoyed listening to stories about how Ron started his political life.

When Ron was elected, he showed his love and concern for everyone he was serving. When folks from his district came to Montpelier, even unannounced, he always made time to welcome them.

I know that Sara follows in his footsteps, in her own way. She is always ready to listen and help. Many of our neighbors have relied on her knowledge and benefited from her caring when they have needed advice and support.

Sara and I ran into each other at the Guilford Fair, where she was listening to neighbors and calling Bingo to benefit the Broad Brook Grange. I was happy to hear that she has started working at the Guilford Country Store. People can stop in and say, “Hi.”

I am continuing to vote for Sara Coffey, and I hope you will consider joining me.

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