Harrison and Hashim: will bring complementary skills to state Senate

GUILFORD — We are lucky here in Windham County to have two excellent candidates, Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim, running for the state Senate to fill the seats vacated by Becca Balint and Jeanette White.

Wendy and Nader make a strong team, and they would bring different, yet complimentary, skills to the Senate. I have followed both of their paths with interest and admiration.

Wendy's work both before and since she came to Windham County demonstrates a deep commitment to community. As a former Selectboard member, I am thrilled with her deep knowledge of how town government can and should work and with her extensive efforts throughout Vermont to help towns find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. I've witnessed her doing what she does so well: listen, learn, suggest options, and help implement solutions.

Nader's work as a Vermont state trooper brought him in close contact with people in crisis. He had the opportunity to see up close the effects of trauma, substance use, homelessness, and poverty on people's lives.

As a legislator, he worked to find solutions to help address both the needs of people in crisis and the root causes of the problems. When I listen to Nader respond to questions about the issues facing all Vermonters, I hear thoughtful, well-reasoned and -researched responses and good, pragmatic suggestions for solutions.

Both of these candidates are respectful of all viewpoints, willing to listen and learn, and ready to get to work for us all. They will do us proud.

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