Wessel: a leader of integrity who considers multiple perspectives

SAXTONS RIVER — I'm voting for Tim Wessel for Vermont Senate to represent Windham County because over the course of his nearly six years of service on the Brattleboro Selectboard I have observed him to consistently approach even the most divisive topics with careful consideration, taking the time to listen to all perspectives before presenting his recommendations.

As chair, Tim led the board through the unprecedented challenges of 2020, navigating not only the COVID-19 pandemic but also the highly charged public outcry for town leadership to address barriers to those most vulnerable accessing safety in the Brattleboro community.

Throughout the Community Safety Review process, Tim maintained a level mind, seeking to understand the experiences of those less privileged; he strove for realistic and sustainable solutions to lift up members of the community who had been harmed by flawed systems.

At the same time, Tim did not falter from considering how proposed changes to public safety systems could impact the broader community. This was not an easy stance to take while serving as Selectboard chair during this process.

As a single mother and survivor of domestic violence, I find Tim's fierce commitment to increase availability and affordability of early child care hits a personal chord for me.

It is challenging enough to balance work and home life responsibilities as a single parent. Without access to affordable child care, maintaining employment is simply not possible.

For countless children who have experienced and/or have been exposed to domestic violence, their days spent in child care provide a much-needed sense of safety and stability.

I, too, identify as an independent. I am very excited by the idea of having Tim represent Windham County in the Senate. I believe he can communicate with people sitting on all sides of the table, and he can help find mutually beneficial compromises that lead to effective solutions.

To listen, absorb information and needs from all sides of a conflict, and then stand firm in one's values regardless of external social pressures is to stand in integrity. We need more such people in positions of power. I believe Tim is a man of integrity.

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