Wessel: part of Vermont’s long tradition of elective independence

DUMMERSTON — As someone who has grown weary of politics-as-usual and the two-party system, I'm relieved to be able to vote for a strong, independent person who doesn't just pay lip service to representing his neighbors.

I've known Tim Wessel for nearly two decades, and I know his heart and his character. Tim deliberates, weighs, listens, and ultimately makes his decisions based on what's best for the people and the community. Watching him on the Brattleboro Selectboard for these last five years shows me that he takes all of the issues very seriously.

I've seen how Tim deliberates and pores over the information available to make a decision that meets the needs of those he represents, and that's tragically rare. And that sometimes means taking the heat when people disagree, which he does with grace and respect always.

Vermont has a long tradition of independence in elective politics, and here is the next opportunity to push back on the two-party conundrum and invite a truly independent thinker to represent Windham County in the Vermont Senate.

To those who think that only Democrats can represent Windham County, I encourage you to look closer at Tim's record and even reach out to him to ask questions. His decades-long record of devotion and investment in Windham County is hard to equal, and as a lifelong (and loud-mouthed) political observer, I see Tim as a unique and capable candidate. I hope you'll join me in sending him to Montpelier.

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