Urging Balint to support ceasefire resolution

PUTNEY — Rep. Balint, how will we hold onto our humanity?

Even Sen. Durbin of Illinois recognizes that a ceasefire is what President Biden must demand. Will any of us be able to look ourselves in the mirror, knowing that "evil will prevail if good people say nothing"?

Failing to call for a comprehensive ceasefire - not a meaningless "humanitarian pause" - will guarantee the continuation of the killing of innocents. How can we answer our children's questions about why we refused to call for a ceasefire, why we refused to take real action to save the lives of the children of Israel and Palestine?

Sen. Durbin had the courage to change his mind; Rep. Balint, why can't you join him? Why can't you join your 18 House colleagues who have signed the Ceasefire Now Resolution?

Additionally, failing to call for a ceasefire will encourage the forces attacking our democracy. Biden's polling numbers have plummeted since he sought the latest appropriation of $14 billion of additional weapons for Israel. Michigan now appears to have gone from favoring Biden's reelection to opposing the president. How many more swing states will move from blue to red?

Please don't turn away from our common humanity.

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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