Impossible to measure the loss of Hotel Pharmacy

BRATTLEBORO — Our town is about to lose a cherished family business: Hotel Pharmacy will close its doors after four decades.

It is really impossible to measure the loss until it happens. While never taken for granted, they — like a good family member — have always been here when you needed them.

The Giamartinos and their wonderful longtime staff have always provided essential professional medical services and support not found in most doctors’ offices. They could help one navigate the absurdities of the health care system. Their knowledge, genuine concern, and humor was always there to allay anxieties.

Personable and empathetic, they were family offering support to other families. They were of our community, and their contributions went well beyond medical care.

Remember KidsPLAYce, support for youth sports, valuable employment for high school students, college scholarships, and contributions to countless town artistic and charitable events, to name a few.

Like so many in the community, our family was fortunate to have them as our pharmacy from their beginning.

Hotel Pharmacy embodies much of what is so special about Brattleboro: friendly, personable, and committed to our community. In the world of growing impersonal, franchised big boxes, Hotel Pharmacy cannot be replaced.

We offer our best to Mary and the staff, and a sincere expression of thanks.

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