An apology

In the Jan. 31 issue of the print edition of The Commons, an advertisement used a word that is widely regarded as antisemitic.

Since the eruption of violence on Oct. 7, we have published a full range of local viewpoints about the horrific scenario unfolding in Israel and Gaza. Advertising from organizations, businesses, and individuals will reflect this same tension. Readers expect a full spectrum of views expressed in our pages in news and advertising. Discomfort will be inevitable.

Antisemitic language is another thing altogether — it is inappropriate, offensive, and wrong, and it has absolutely no place in a newspaper. Like any responsible publication, The Commons reserves the right to reject advertising, and we should have done so with this ad. 

We are chagrined that this ad escaped notice before it was published. We are adapting our production processes to ensure adequate review of all content that goes to press.

We apologize to readers for the harm this ad caused. We are truly sorry.

—The board of directors of Vermont Independent Media, Inc., publisher of The Commons

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