Rock River Players will mark Valentine’s Day with cabaret

WILLIAMSVILLE — The Rock River Players (RRP) present “Food of Love, a Valentine’s Cabaret,” Friday, Feb. 10, and Saturday, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. at the Williamsville Hall, 35 Dover Road.

Admission is $10 per person and includes sweet and savory treats. Cabaret-goers are asked to bring their own beverages. For reservations, visit and, for more information, email [email protected].

Producer Annie Landenberger notes that “the cabaret, with deep roots in France and Germany in the early 20th century, has historically been a trend-setting form of entertainment featuring a variety of performance styles for an audience that’s typically enjoying from small café tables, which we’ll have. Moreover, cabarets are typically adult-focused with a heavy dose of subversion.”

Landenberger said that cabaret “has been the hotbed of creative energy for decades. In its earliest form, it gave us out-of-the-box perspective and material. With a collection of scenes, songs, satire, and surprises — and in keeping with the essence of the cabaret — the RRP evening promises laughs, love, and epiphanies.”

“Food for Love” features Rock River Players Adrienne Major, Tom Ely, Ramsey Demeter, Tracy Berchi, Amy Donahue, John Ogorzalek, Cris Parker-Jennings, Stewart McDermet, Rose Watson, Randy Lichtenwalner, Peter Broussard, Breeze Verdant, Pamela Corkey, Tino Benson, Rick Contino, and Laura Elisabeth in a range of comedy from original standup to Monty Python, and music from Ella and Louie to Johnny Cash. Dan DeWalt will be the accompanist.

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