Project planners should offer more information

PUTNEY — I found Maureen Tadlock's letter to be interesting and respectful. It seems to me that the controversy around the affordable housing project in Putney is really more about the size, scope, and location than it is about whether to create some.

Perhaps if the planners put out more illustrations of the footprint of these buildings and the parking in relation to what is already there, people would be able to better form opinions.

I regularly read the bulletin boards at the Putney Food Co-op, the Putney Public Library, and the Putney General Store, and yet all this managed to slip my notice until I was presented with what I'm told is a done deal.

Well-meaning liberals ascribe ignorance or bad motives to those who disagree with their point of view, and I find their willingness to do so disconcerting, to say the least. They might think about checking the self-righteous arrogance at the door.

After all, that's what created Trump's base!

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