Cutting fossil fuel consumption can make lives better

BELLOWS FALLS — The Oct. 4 edition of The Commons' Voices section offered a winning double header about the climate emergency and the role of car-centric culture.

Then we had Indigenous Peoples' Day, when their leaders continued to tell us that we need to cut our consumption of everything, including the use of fossil fuels. In fact, Marcie Rendon. an Indigenous leader whose thinking I respect, asks us to cut our consumption in half this year and then in half the following year.

Some people say this will make our lives harder. However, I suggest this will make our lives better.

We can focus on the possibility of living more cooperatively; more connected with our families, friends and neighbors; and more in harmony with the Earth. The pace of life can be slower and more enjoyable.

What are you willing to change in your life and your community in order to have a livable future for our planet?

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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