Economic harmony will bring peace

PUTNEY — The current war has one solution: peace.

What is peace? Peace is treating every person with the respect they need. Peace is creating economic environments for everyone to thrive, where everyone has the dignity of enough money to be purposeful in life and not subjected to stress of abject poverty, where everyone is encouraged to fulfill a personal purpose and develop personal strengths.

Nothing about our economic reality currently fulfills this.

However, were the political and banking class to attend to peace, they would focus on actions like funding the establishment and training for millions of small organic farms worldwide.

With $80 million, we could create a food network that would heal the soil, and thus sequester carbon, and end the idiotic shipping of similar items back and forth across oceans.

Meanwhile, 80 million small organic farms will restore health and well-being to all people, to the soil, to the air, to the living water and animals, wild and farmed.

Thus the vibration of happiness will increase worldwide. This one 80-million-farm focus addresses climate change and political unrest, but I have yet to see or hear anyone in the political and banking classes calling for unification around this need!

However, we do see unification of the banking and political class behind world war, and war of all kinds.

When you dig a little deeper, you find that war is a ruse of the political and banking class. These two sets of elites and the mouthpieces who trumpet war nonsense cannot honorably claim to care that "climate change" is the greatest existential threat to humankind while concurrently promoting and funding war.

It doesn't matter who the good guys or who the bad guys are - those who fund further violence are perpetuating grave harm against the people and the environment.

All those in the political class and the banking class who clamor and fund war while neglecting the appropriate job of funding peace are not leading in any direction worth heading.

Violence does not and cannot beget peace. Suppression of violence is a different process from funding war.

Ending violence primarily involves beginning policies of economic harmony, which will bring peace.

Allowing a monetary method that balances societies' collective desire to be a myriad of purposes, intellects, services, and cultures as representative of Living Source Wisdom, while encouraging personal and collective health and happiness, is certainly doable and will be manifest.

The people's dilemma is the ability to have confidence in their own authority and how to peacefully assert it before the class of people who crave godlike powers over the rest.

How to bring those classes to heel to respect godhood within each of us is our journey to peace. Bon voyage!

This Voices Letters from readers was submitted to The Commons.

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