Write Action seeks submissions for Poems Around Town 2024

Poems Around Town, an event held in celebration of National Poetry Month, returns for a fourth year. It is co-sponsored and organized by Write Action, Time to Write, the Brattleboro Literary Festival, and Brooks Memorial Library.

Vermont poets and those within a 50-mile radius in the southeast tri-state region are invited to submit poems to Write Action for Poems Around Town. Chosen poems will appear in downtown Brattleboro shop windows during April, National Poetry Month.

Submitted poems should be recent - written within the past year. In general, organizers say, they prefer that poems have not been previously published; however, they will accept submissions that have appeared in The Commons' "Poets Respond" or the Write Action newsletter.

Poems must fit on a single page and use a minimum of 14-point type in a font that is easy to read, such as Times New Roman. Also for ease of reading by the public, 1.5 or double-spaced formatting is requested. The poet's name and hometown should appear at the bottom of the poem. Students should please include the name of their school beneath their name.

Poems will be chosen based on quality as judged by the organizers' submission readers and the number of venues available for display.

Interested writers may submit poems via email to [email protected] by Friday, March 1. Poem titles and contact information should be included in the body of the email, with "PAT" in the subject line. No more than two poems may be submitted per writer, one poem per page, attached to the email. The titles of the poems must also be included in the names of the attached files.

Write Action is planning a reading with Poems Around Town participating poets toward the end of April.

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