Remer: An expert at facilitating collaboration among disparate people

I am delighted to endorse Brian Remer for the Windham Southeast School District Board of Directors. Brian has many qualities and skills that make him an excellent candidate to serve on our local school board, and we are lucky to have the opportunity to vote for him.

As the parent of a third grader at Guilford Central School, and having worked in our local school district for 15 years, I am deeply invested in making sure that the WSESD directors are committed to open communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative commitment to student success.

Brian is a thoughtful, flexible, community-minded individual who is eager to devote his positive energy to improving our local schools. His career has revolved around experiential education, mental health advocacy, professional development, training and engagement, and strong collaborative leadership.

He is an expert at facilitating collaboration among people and groups with disparate perspectives, a skill that will be a great asset to the school district.

On the board, Brian will work tirelessly to ensure that our schools have the necessary resources to build a positive learning environment for all students.

If you live in Guilford, Brattleboro, Putney, or Dummerston, please join me in voting on March 5 for Brian Remer as WSESD director. I am confident that he will make a positive impact and work toward the betterment of our local school district.

Sarah Rosow


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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