As if by fiat, Wessel’s got the truth (and God) on his side

Both the ignorance and arrogance of Tim Wessel's cold, completely one-sided, pro-Israeli op-ed are simply breathtaking.

Here's one egregious example, particularly of the latter: "I don't believe the [pro-Palestinian] protestors fully understand the politics. I say that many haven't studied the history, and most have been taken in by an advanced, Hamas propaganda machine […]"

You "say"?

You also say that Hamas started the war. Is that some kind of joke? It's obvious you nothing of the real history of the region, yet, as if by fiat, you've got the truth (and God) on your side.

In this windy, half-page screed there is not one word of empathy for the terrible suffering, including mass-starvation, of the indigenous, Palestinian population. Not one!

Rather, kibbitzing on the sidelines, Wessel knows way more than all the 200-plus protestors who recently marched on Main street in solidarity with tens of thousands of victims of Israeli genocide.

The International Court of Justice knows it's a criminal outrage. The whole world knows it. Even Biden and Schumer are finally expressing publicly their revulsion at the extent of Israel's unrelenting viciousness.

But Wessel knows better than all of them!

So, I'd like to ask him a question: Just where the hell do you get off?

My advice is to stick to local politics and things you might actually know something about.

Richard Evers


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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