We’ve had huge mobilizations. You don’t know because the news media won’t cover them.

I appreciate that Arlene Distler is supportive of the movement for Palestinian liberation and wants to see wider and more vibrant protests, but I think she's pointing her finger at the wrong culprit.

We have had huge mobilizations in Washington, D.C. over the past few months for Palestine. There was one in early November with tens of thousands of people and one in January with 400,000 people. They have been incredible!

Plus, there have been amazing actions across the country: Pro-Palestine activists completely shut down San Francisco International Airport in early March with the message "Stop the World for Gaza."

We have shut down Grand Central Station, bridges in and out of New York City, highways in and out of D.C., and more.

Many of these actions were organized by young people - especially the Palestinian Youth Movement and Jewish Voice for Peace, of which I'm a member.

So why haven't you heard about this?

As I said, you're pointing your finger at the wrong culprit. While our organizing could always be better, more strategic, and more inclusive, the blackout of stories from our major new outlets has been disgusting.

We had 400,000 people in the streets of D.C. on Jan. 13 - more than half again the size of the 1963 March on Washington that Arlene Distler wants us to replicate and the largest Palestine protest in the history of the U.S. - and The New York Times didn't even mention it.

The Times and other so-called "liberal" media - like The Washington Post and NPR - have not reported on these events. Reporters have even left their jobs at the Times in protest of its one-sided coverage of this issue.

So please stop complaining that young people aren't doing the hard and often scary work of organizing mass mobilizations or direct actions. Start complaining that your news sources aren't covering these stories - and follow these organizations on social media or through independent media and amplify them to your own network.

Start complaining that our government isn't listening to the massive numbers of activists out on the street - and call them daily to tell them to stop the genocide.

There is so much that all of us can do in this movement - on and off the streets - and I hope we can all find a way to speak up for a true peace and lasting justice.

Sonia Silbert


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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