Reelection campaign event on June 6

BRATTLEBORO-Join me for my re-election campaign launch!

June 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the Kiwanis (Picnic) Shelter at the top of Memorial Park.

I'm running for reelection as your state representative for Windham-7 (West Brattleboro) and I'm excited to invite you to an afternoon of music, food, and community conversation!

I'm running for office again because this is a crucial moment in the fight for a fair Vermont, and I'm committed to doing what needs to be done to build a Vermont that works for all of us.

The past six years have brought immense challenges-and also taught us what is possible when we come together to protect and support each other in community.

As we emerge from the pandemic and adjust to reduced federal funding, we have key decisions to make: will we go back to business as usual, or will we tackle the hard problems and do the real work to make our state the best it can be? From housing to healthcare to the environment and public safety, we've made progress during my time in office, but it is nowhere near enough.

Things move slowly in Montpelier, but I believe we have momentum, and I want to hear from you: what are the most important problems and solutions you want us to work on?

I hope you can join me on June 6 and throughout the campaign. If you have any questions or want to reach out, stop me on the street, talk to me at your door, or visit emiliekornheiser.org. Thank you!

Emilie Kornheiser


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